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Where we have combined behavioural science with leading edge technology to offer you innovative, smart and ethical software solutions that protect your performance, your brand and your reputation.

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    We know that the most common and significant risks to your business start with people. Whether these people are customers or employees, their behaviour impacts on your performance,
    brand and reputation.


    Whether you are an Insurer validating claims or a Financial Services Provider resolving disputed transactions; protecting your genuine customer whilst safeguarding your business against
    fraud is paramount.


    Whatever your environment, experience guides our instinct and shapes our decision making. We call this our ‘gut feeling’. But how do you measure and evidence this?

    Strenuus has combined technology with behavioural science to code human behaviour and empirically evidence the presence of credibility with SCAn™ - turning your instinct into evidence. You are now able to enhance the genuine customer journey, improve quality control, expand management information and mitigate loss.


    All Strenuus Credibility Analysis® (SCAn™) products seamlessly integrate with your legacy infrastructure whilst capitalising on existing skills, providing added value and minimising disruption
    to operations.

    Utilising our software as a service solutions you are now able to harness unbidden information and exploit the hidden potential in your existing processes, imbedding unrivalled diligence across First Notification of Loss, Claims Validation, Medico Legal Assessment, Know Your Customer and Business Continuity.


    Our uniquely experienced team and partners produce tailor-made solutions for every client and with the reassurance of ISO 27001 Data Security Standard and ISO 9001 Quality
    Management Standard.

Strenuus Ltd. holds ISO 9001:2008 and
27001:2013 Management Standards Certificates


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